When it comes to fashion, sci-fi movies often depict them as one) uniformed look (such as in the The Island), or two, super avant-garde (like in The Fifth Element). TBH, I don’t know what fashion holds for us in the future, but then we stumbled upon Balenciaga latest Fall 2017 collection and we went like, ah… the future of fashion is most definitely avant-garde. You know? That kind of design that’s loud, incoherently coordinated, mostly asymmetrical and sometimes, it appears that the wearer had a rubber car mat wrapped around her waist.

Car Design Skirt by Balenciaga

Oh, wait. You know what? That’s actually what Balenciaga has to offer! Aptly called Car Design Skirt, this weird fashion piece is inspired by, well, the most mundane thing you can find inside an automobile: car mat. Can you even begin to imagine that? And oh, it is a thing that you can actually buy. Like, really? Yes, really, but more on that later. Anywho, as if imitating cheap red-white-blue bag and pulling a very expensive Ikea Frakta bag look-a-like aren’t enough, Balenciaga has decided to draw inspiration, from all things, car mat.

Car Design Skirt by Balenciaga

As a consolation, despite drawing inspiration (read: copying) a car mat design, you, your spouse or your girlfriend won’t be wrapping herself in heavy, waterproof rubber; instead you will be getting a “structured rigid leather skirt” featuring textured leather, asymmetrical design (see what I mean?), snap fastening, and finally topped with Balenciaga logo. And the price? A cool 1,795 English money, or 1,990 euros, which works out to be around US$2,400. Ridiculous? You bet it is. Now, this is a car mat you want to keep away from your car-obsessed partner.

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Car Design Skirt by Balenciaga

Images: Balenciaga.

via Oddity Central.

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  1. Geee! I wonder whether “AutoZone” or “NAPA Auto Parts” will be Opening Their Own Clothing Line Soon…

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