Yup. It sure was and still survives to this day as one of the three left in the world (and the only screen-used DeLorean in private hands). Also, it was pretty damn expensive too. How expensive, you ask? It costs car collector duo, father and son, Bill and Patrick Shea of North Central Massachusetts a whopping $440,000 back in 2011. So, as I was saying, it was actually a VW buried beneath and the reason being, the director needs a DeLorean that could take the punishment of unforgiving terrain for the scene where Marty Fly had to drive the DeLorean Time Machine across the sparsely vegetated desert. Obviously, the lackluster DeLorean DMC-12 won’t be able to take the beatings and so, it was decided that a dune buggy set up was the way to go.

Anyways, underneath the sleek, highly recognizable brushed stainless steel body affixed with various Time Machine elements is a tube chassis, along with what essentially was a VW Beetle. That being said, other than it being the star of Back to the Future III, can this ride qualified as a DeLorean DMC-12? It is probably debatable. But one thing for sure, it was a star of one of the greatest franchise to come out of Hollywood. Anyways, now you know that it was VW that was actually driving the Time Machine back in 1885. Personally, regardless of what goes under the body, I am still digging the white wall tires, moon wheels and the ridiculous ride height.

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You can learn more about this incredible DeLorean in a powerful mini documentary by Michael Vasquez Christopher Rutkowski in the video embedded below.

Image: YouTube.

Update [March 02, 2020; 6:39PM PST]: We made a mistake on the original video creator. The video was created by director/producer Christopher Rutkowski NOT Michael Vasquez. Sorry for the mixed up.

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