The Global Supply Chain Telephone Handbag: When Birkin Meets Celine Meets Dior Meets Balenciaga

Let’s talk about designer bags. Often the eventual product is not exactly what the designer has designed. During production, the factory does exercise some creative freedom to fill in details that the designer may have overlooked. This is known as hidden creative labor as MSCHF, the Brooklyn-based American art collective explains:

FENDI x FRGMT x POKÉMON Collections – Coming Soon On January 04, 2024

Fendi has collaborated with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment (FRGMT) and Pokémon to create a special collection featuring Dragon-type Pokémon including Dragonite, Dratini, and Dragonair to usher in the Year of the Dragon. This unique range includes iconic Fendi women’s and men’s bags, such as the Peekaboo and Baguette, adorned with Pokémon characters and the iconic FF …

Blue Reflex Helmet Tote By Dingyun Zhang: Well, It Is A Bag, And It Is, Ermmm, Wearable?

If a tote bag is burdening your one shoulder, you can consider switching shoulder, or you could try carrying it as a backpack, or perhaps even wearing it over your head. Oh, your tote bag can’t do that? Well, this one can. Folks, meet the Limited Edition Helmet Tote by Dingyun Zhang.

Bottega Veneta The Small Brown Bag Is Inspired By A Brown Paper Bag

Want to spend a lot of money on a designer handbag but don’t want to appear too lavish? Well, if you do, the Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta has just the bag for you. Folks, meet The Small Brown Bag. Thanks to the Kraft color, The Small Brown Bag looks like any regular old …

adidas x Gucci Collection Goes Official: It’s Retro-licious!

If you haven’t already heard, adidas and Gucci have teamed up for a collection of luxury fashion house-imbued sportswear and gears. The adidas x Gucci collection was officially launched a few days ago and it is one hell of a collection to own – thanks to the nostalgic compendium of archival influences and vivid colors …

Nothing Says You’ve A Jet-setting Lifestyle Best Than A Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag

This is Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag by LV menswear artistic director/Off-White founder, Virgil Abloh. Up until before Abloh’s involvement, LV was never radical like, you know, Balenciaga, and never associated with being artistic. Basically, it is the way purist like me like. But things have changed, the Airplane Bag is one example.

Balenciaga Lends Lambskin To Cheap Plastic Shopping Bag. Yes, Again.

Ah… we finally figured out what Balenciaga is up to this year. This year, it is all about “inspired-by” theme. Instead of dreaming up fashion pieces from the ground up, the Parisian fashion label must have thought turning everyday items into upmarket versions is a fun thing to do. It probably is because I must …

Like Jekyll and Hyde, Gnome & Bow’s Jekyll’s Hyde Bags Have Dual Personality Too

Unlike women, men don’t have shoes problem, well, mostly, but we do have problem with one too many bags and if you have had enough, maybe it is trim time. Which means doing the unthinkable: stop buying bags and possibly sending your less loved collection to Salvation Army. But how do you maintain the versatility …

Limited Edition Samsung Wallie Gym Sack

there’s no better way to showcase the creative power of the GALAXY Note II than to ask groups of people to doodle with the device, don’t you think so? but how to really showcase the results? well, in the case of Samsung, the Korean electronics giant teamed up with New York-based designer Alexandra Wang to put those doodles created by Wang’s close friends, stylists, photographers and the likes,