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Balenciaga Lends Lambskin To Cheap Plastic Shopping Bag. Yes, Again.

Ah… we finally figured out what Balenciaga is up to this year. This year, it is all about “inspired-by” theme. Instead of dreaming up fashion pieces from the ground up, the Parisian fashion label must have thought turning everyday items into upmarket versions is a fun thing to do. It probably is because I must admit Balenciaga’s recent products did put a smile on my face, starting with turning cheap, nylon red-white-blue bag and Ikea Frakta bag into a luxury versions, and more recently, a cat mat skirt. Today, we hear that shopping bags are also in order too. Continue reading Balenciaga Lends Lambskin To Cheap Plastic Shopping Bag. Yes, Again.

Like Jekyll and Hyde, Gnome & Bow’s Jekyll’s Hyde Bags Have Dual Personality Too

Unlike women, men don’t have shoes problem, well, mostly, but we do have problem with one too many bags and if you have had enough, maybe it is trim time. Which means doing the unthinkable: stop buying bags and possibly sending your less loved collection to Salvation Army. But how do you maintain the versatility with a limited stockpile of bags? Simple. The answer lies in Book II: Jekyll’s Hyde Bags by Singapore-based Gnome & Bow. Like the collection’s name implies, these bags, which ranges from clutch to messenger bag to backpack, has dual character, just like Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Continue reading Like Jekyll and Hyde, Gnome & Bow’s Jekyll’s Hyde Bags Have Dual Personality Too

Limited Edition Samsung Wallie Gym Sack

there’s no better way to showcase the creative power of the GALAXY Note II than to ask groups of people to doodle with the device, don’t you think so? but how to really showcase the results? well, in the case of Samsung, the Korean electronics giant teamed up with New York-based designer Alexandra Wang to put those doodles created by Wang’s close friends, stylists, photographers and the likes, into a limited edition lambskin bag you see here. this soft drawstring backpack, officially dubbed Limited Edition Samsung Wallie Gym Sack, features leather corners, an invisible zip pocket located on the right side, an interior zip pocket, and finished off with an abstract pattern derived from the sketches collected. Continue reading Limited Edition Samsung Wallie Gym Sack

Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Panel Backpack charges your phone

Ralph Lauren RLX Backpack 544x340px
(credit: Ralph Lauren) Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Panel Backpack | US$795.00 | www.ralphlauren.com

seriously, Ralph Lauren is the last brand that you would expect to have a backpack with large solar panel slapped on it. i never thought they would do that but the truth is, they did. what you see here is the Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Panel Backpack with an unmissable large solar panel integrated to the backpack. the solar panel is said to be able to generate 3.45 watts of current that enables you to charge a phone in two to three hours. the backpack features a water-resistant construction, comfortable thick, adjustable shoulder straps and a handle on one side allowing it to be user as a bag. the top flap comes with an adjustable buckle closure and zip pockets on one side. not surprisingly, the RLX carries a pretty heft price tag of $795 (for a backpack) and is available on Ralph Lauren web store.
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Ralph Lauren RLX Backpack 500x500px Ralph Lauren RLX Backpack 500x500px Ralph Lauren RLX Backpack 500x500px

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from materials of trucks and cars: FREITAG F48 HAZZARD Backpack

FREITAG F48 HAZZARD Backpack img1 544px
(image credit: FREITAG) FREITAG F48 HAZZARD Backpack | approx. US$325 | www.freitag.ch

with so many shiny gadgets to lug around, we definitely need a bag that is tough enough to lug them around. new from the Switzerland company, Freitag, is the F48 Hazzard Backpack which promise to deliver storage for your electronic gears with diligent toughness. judging in the promo video, we believe this bag was designed with cyclist in mind.

the F48 HAZZARD Backpack is made from used truck tarpaulins and the straps are of used car seat belts. both are tough materials which has been proven by their use in automotive industry. seat belts? well, i guess you can’t get any safer than that, unless you want an airbag to go with it.

FREITAG expects the square design would suit “business use without losing uniqueness” and it comes in a variety of design prints and colors. the bag can be easily converted to shoulder bag carrying too. i don’t quite agree with “business” unless you are in the creative field. i am not so sure if you would want to bring this to a big corporate meeting.

being unique (and square) will set you back at $325. i’d say that’s pretty pricey for a backpack but if being unique is what you are into, then the F48 HAZZARD might be just for you.

FREITAG F48 HAZZARD Backpack img2 544px