there’s no better way to showcase the creative power of the GALAXY Note II than to ask groups of people to doodle with the device, don’t you think so? but how to really showcase the results? well, in the case of Samsung, the Korean electronics giant teamed up with New York-based designer Alexandra Wang to put those doodles created by Wang’s close friends, stylists, photographers and the likes, into a limited edition lambskin bag you see here. this soft drawstring backpack, officially dubbed Limited Edition Samsung Wallie Gym Sack, features leather corners, an invisible zip pocket located on the right side, an interior zip pocket, and finished off with an abstract pattern derived from the sketches collected.

according to the official press info, the bag was crafted from lambskin, but on Wang’s website, it was noted as 100% cowhide. confused with are, but whatever it is, i guess it don’t really matter cos’ after all, lamb or cow, it is still leather. unless you are “allergic” to either one of them. this limited edition gym sack is available from Alexandra Wang web store for $550 each. it is no doubt a lot to drop for a gym sack, but we duly noted that proceeds from the sale will go to Art Start, a nationally-recognized charity that uses the arts to nature the creative talents of at-risk children and youth. so if you have pretty penny to spare, you’d be getting yourself a super cool bag and doing something awesome at the same time. have a few more look in the gallery below.

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