The Asylum Ape vs. Monster Official Trailer

American independent film company The Asylum, most notorious for its copycat/B-grade movies, will not let any blockbuster movies pass without giving them “The Asylum’s treatment”.

The Asylum Ape vs. Monster Official Trailer
Top: Totally not Godzilla. Above: If you watch the trailer, you will notice the change in the Ape size. A blooper, or did he somehow grew bigger?

That said, The Asylum is probably the company that has received the most cease and desist letters on the entire planet. But that does not stop the company from making copies of the best.

The latest knock off movie is, not surprisingly, the film company’s take of Godzilla vs. Kong, aptly called, well, Ape vs. Monster. Not a lot is known about this production.

The Asylum Ape vs. Monster Official Trailer
It is clear that this oversized Godzilla-wannabe is an antagonist of the film.

However, from the official trailer released on the 28th, we gathered that Gojira’s equivalent is actually a reptile that consume some toxic chemical that turns it into a ferocious kaiju. Not sure about Kong’s equivalent, though. Is he always this big?

As expected of The Asylum – a company best known for its Sharknado franchise – CGI isn’t the best. Neither is the acting. But as a secret lover of B-grade film, I am strangely looking forward to it. Ha! Not!

Anywho, if you are such a big fan of all-thing monsters, you may want to check it out. Skip ahead for the said movie trailer.

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Images: YouTube (The Asylum – Official Trailers).