can’t get enough of big phone with anorexic profile? then the Vivo X3 Smartphone should put a big grin on your face. equipped with 5″ HD IPS display (with multitouch, of course), this yet another China home grown Android handset sports a super thin 5.75mm profile. in spite of its thinnest, it is still packed to the brim with features, including a quad core MediaTek processor clocking in at 1.5GHz, 1GB RAM, a 8MP main shooter (F2.2; HDR support), a 5MP front-facing camera with wide angle lens, a dedicated audio chip from ESS, an infrared sensor for a la-Touchwiz touch-free gestures, a modest 16GB built-in storage, and a 2,000 mAh. sadly the storage is pretty much fixed which means there’s no room for expandable storage, so your smartphone life with this phone will revolve around the 16GB and nothing more.

at launch, the phone will be touting Vivo-flavored Android 4.2 OS and naturally, it will also comes with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, GPS, along with the usual sensors including accelerometer, light sensor, proximity sensor, as well as gyroscope. the Vivo X3 Smartphone is scheduled for September release in China for RMB 2,498 (about US$408) and comes in a choice of “Aurora White” and “Fashion Blue”. on that note, we would assume that the Vivo X3 Smartphone will not be venturing anywhere outside of the Chinese territories. and in case it doesn’t, at least we have some awesome images to ogle over which you can find in the gallery below.

Vivo [CH] via Engadget

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