This Is Vivo X Fold, Vivo’s First Folding Phone That Has Barely Visible Crease Lines

Another phone maker has joined the small but prestige folding phone market. And I am glad that there is a growing number of folding phones. Hopefully, with more competition, the folding lines will be a thing of the past. Speaking of less or no crease lines on a folding phone, Vivo’s first folding phone, the …

Meet Vivo’s First Tablet, The Vivo Pad

There is a trend among smartphone makers in China now and that is to get serious about making tablets. Tablet was a thing some years ago but it did not receive much love. We suspect this trend was kickstarted by South Korea’s Samsung which has only gotten serious about tablets in recent years despite it …

Vivo Filed Patented For Smartphone With Detachable Imaging Drone

We said it before and we will say it again. The smartphone market is pretty much stagnant at this point. Aside from faster chips, memory and storage, there’s nothing groundbreaking. The only thing smartphone makers can do to sell the phone is the camera system.

Vivo Joins Nokia And Sony In Making Smartphones With ZEISS Optics

You read that right. Vivo have joined the likes of Sony Xperia and Nokia to rock the revered ZEISS optics. We definitely did not see that coming. The device to rock ZEISS optics is the new Vivo X60 Series smartphones, specifically, the Vivo X60 Pro.

Vivo X50 Pro+ Joins The X50 Series As A SD865-equipped Flagship Device

Vivo is also another company that rolls out new smartphones like bakery rolling out bread. They have bunch of new phone, the new member of the X50 Series, the X50 Pro+ 5G, is the one to look out for if you have access to the device. Unlike the other two X50 (the X50 and X50 …

Vivo X50 Series 5G Joins The Mid-range Smartphone Market With 90 Hz

Thanks to the cutthroat competition in the smartphone market, we are getting mid-range devices with 90 Hz displays and pretty good imaging system. The latest to join the mid-range imaging-focused smartphone with 90 Hz display is the new Vivo X Series smartphones, the X50 Series 5G.