Aer Fit Pack – A Clean-looking, Minimalistic Backpack for Gym, Work and Anything in Between

Work and gym are separate activities and chances are, the bags containing the essentials for both activities are separate too, but not if you have the Aer Fit Pack. I mean, we are totally cool if you prefer to carry two bags (and be ready for the frowns you’ll get from fellow commuters), or leave […]

Bomber Barrel Bag: The One Bag That Will Have Your Work and Play Covered

if you are one of those people who find anything more than one bag in your life is a hassle, then we suppose all you need the one bag. fortunately and unfortunately, bags are in abundance in the market, but most of them are also pretty specialized in a way. never quite versatile is what […]

Aer Duffle Pack Transitions From Work To Gym Seamlessly, So You Don’t Have To Bring Two Bags

before Aer, we probably don’t have any qualms about bringing two bags to work. you know, one for work and the other for the gym. it is kind of like a badge of honor, or in this case, bag of honor, to show that this dude does workout. but hey, why subject yourself to judgement […]

Limited Edition Samsung Wallie Gym Sack

there’s no better way to showcase the creative power of the GALAXY Note II than to ask groups of people to doodle with the device, don’t you think so? but how to really showcase the results? well, in the case of Samsung, the Korean electronics giant teamed up with New York-based designer Alexandra Wang to put those doodles created by Wang’s close friends, stylists, photographers and the likes,

Pan Am Vintage Travel Bags and Accessories

Pan Am may be defunct for two decades now but it’s spirit remains till this day but instead of taking to the sky, this iconic brand of the 20th century exists in the form of lifestyle accessories such as bags of various types, belts…