BMW Triathlon Bag

BMW Triathlon Bag
(photos: BMW) BMW Triathlon Bag | €99.00 |

having to decide between a backpack or a shoulder bag is something any person will have to make at some point in time. we ended up modeling with both in front of our full length mirror, taking the stuffs in and out from between the two bags before we finally make the painful decision, walks out of the door while still bearing that uneasiness of not choosing the other. that’s where the BMW Triathlon Bag from the Athletics Collection can help. it is both a rucksack aka backpack and a shoulder bag, thus saving you that agonizing dilemma. despite its namesake, it is also well suited for non-triathletes. the Triathlon Bag is the result of the marriage between BMW and expert sports bag maker OGIO that offers a generous 80 liters of usable volume and features a myriad of compartments for organizing your belongings, including a vented shoes compartment, two glasses pockets, a space for your cycling helmet, two insulated pockets for keeping your drinks at just the right temperature, three snack pockets, a pocket suitable for your shower gel, a separate wet pocket, and a padded, lockable compartment for your gadgets like iPhone and heart rate monitor. completing the package is the reflective elements on the bag, ensuring that you will be visible to passing vehicles when trekking at night. the BMW Triathlon Bag is available through selected BMW dealers and official BMW web store for €99 a pop (about US$130). click through for a few awesome views.

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