Pan Am Vintage Travel Bags and Accessories

Pan Am 70s Original
(photos: Pan Am) Pan Am Vintage Travel Bags & Accessories | from US$34.00 |

Pan Am may be defunct for two decades now but it’s spirit remains till this day but instead of taking to the sky, this iconic brand of the 20th century exists in the form of lifestyle accessories such as bags of various types, belts, and iPad case. i, for one, grew up wanting to be a pilot largely because of Pan Am and i don’t even reside in U.S. just imagine the influence it had to the world, both as a brand and as an aviation company. anyhow, the Pan Am bag collection includes travel bags, totes, messengers, sling bags, and the bag that start it all, the Orion bag. if you are looking for a more complete look, there is also a chic Pan Am Sky Belt ($43) that features buckle made with authentic airline aircraft seatbelt and a Pan Am iPad 2 case ($55) handcrafted by DODOcase. the good news is, the Pan Am Vintage Travel Bags and Accessories are currently on sale over at with starting price from just $34 for a washbag and runs up to $122 for the Gym bag.

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