the purpose of this kit is quite obvious. then again, what a man needs during an emergency varies from man to man and situation to situation, but the Gentleman’s Survival Kit you see here should covers the needs of 99 percent of the man folks population with items ranging from hatchet (aka axe. not your guitar, though we know we all need some rocking time when hit the rough patch) for cutting down woods, or for self-defense against hungry wolves that are dying to get a piece of you (we didn’t say that), match tin for whatever, a vintage flask for some burning beverage – necessary for those long, cold nights, whiskey (pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think so?), plus some kindling stuff and matches for the fire necessary for meals – if you managed to get anything other than wild vegetation – and a little warm. all these super awesome stuff are neatly packed into a vintage briefcase with a beautifully weathered basswood internal, complete with cutouts for all the items, each secured by snap-secured leather. seriously, we just got to have this – everyone of us do. but there’s a problem: this thing is not for sale. duh. it turns out that the Gentleman’s Survival Kit is a DIY thing. but hey, as a man, you are expected to do such things. you know? work your hands and basically, be a man about it. so if you are ready to get your hands dirty, head on to this website to learn more. in the mean time, you can browse through a few more images of this cool creation.

pscmpf via HiConsumption

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