the idea behind an All-In-One PC is obvious: it is everything that you will need for a full computing experience packaged into a compact form factor. however, Taiwanese electronics maker, ASUS begs to differ and go ahead upping the ante of an All-In-One with its ASUS Transformer AiO. it has everything you know about a typical AIO system, you know, stuff such as Windows 8 OS, a brilliant 18.4″ LED backlit 10-point multitouch IPS display, boasting 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, up to Intel Core i7 3770, up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM, up to 2TB SATA hard drive, a slot-in super multi DVD optical drive, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, a webcam with 1MP, audio by SonicMaster pushing out 2 x 3W, built-in microphone, plus the usual servings of I/Os (USB ports, multi-card reader, audio jack, HDMI, Ethernet et cetera). but it doesn’t stop there, cos’ it is after all, a Transformer. plug the ‘display’ out of the AIO, you got yourself a king-size Android tablet for your on-the-go computing needs. yes. it is a computer with dual operating system and yes, it is a damn huge tablet too. and as an unusually large tablet, it has 2GB worth of RAM, a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra processor, 32GB of onboard storage, WiFi and Bluetooth, built-in stereo speakers, microSD card slot, and of course, a 38W battery for the on-the-go usage. sounds like a perfect proposition for anyone caught in the dilemma of whether to get a PC or a tablet. no? we say it is a love. though this love doesn’t quite come cheap as far as AIO is concerned, expect the ASUS Transformer AiO to set you back at $1,299 each.

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ASUS Transformer AiO - it's a Windows PC and an Android Tablet

ASUS via Cool Material

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