Apple iMac 27-inch Gets Updated With 10th-Gen Intel Chip And SSD-only Configuration

Apple computer users have many reasons to be wanting the updated 2020 Apple iMac 27-inch. One of the major reason would be, this updated 27-inch iMac could be the last of it that runs on Intel chip. Apple has made known of its plan to sell Macs with its own ARM-based chip starting in 2021.

This Is Apollo 4K Touchscreen AIO PC That Is Also A Giant-ass Tablet

China monitor maker, Sefree, is stepping into the desktop computer market with this beautiful 4K touchscreen All-In-One PC called Apollo. Not going to lie, it is a gorgeous machine – though I do have reservations about that the somewhat “eye-catching” bezel. If you know what I mean.

All-new iPad Air and iPad mini, iMac And AirPods Get Updated

Here are some new happenings over at Apple. Apple has announced the all-new iPad Air and iPad mini and revealed that it has updated the iMac line and its wireless earbuds, Apple AirPods. I know right. The barrage of tech reveals has drown out Apple’s presence somewhat. The innovations from Apple, if any at all, […]

Will DELL’s New XPS 15 And Inspiron AIO Make You Ditch Apple?

DELL has taken the wrap a new 15-inch laptop, the XPS 15 and a new AIO, Inspiron 15 7000. Will they be enough to make me ditch Apple? My answer is, maybe, but it is Windows, which kind of a meh. TBH, it is the OS that has kept me away from DELL. OK. Maybe […]

Apple iMac Pro Is Here For Pro Users Who Has The Money To Drop

Well, I guess it is long overdue, but here it is, the ‘pro’ version (read: pricier) of iMac, aptly called iMac Pro, is finally here. It is a move that makes sense since iMac has, since its introduction, attracted a serious number of professional users. If you don’t already know, iMac Pro is an entirely […]

The iMac Pro Is The Most Powerful Mac Ever And Its In Space Gray

iMac was the machine of choice for creatives in its hey day, but since then, Windows have become equally apt, if not better, in dealing with graphics intensive tasks. True enough, I see many creatives today using Windows-based PCs as their main workhorse. But, it looks like the Cupertino tech giant has its sight set […]

DELL Unveiled 32-inch 8K Display, 27-inch QHD Smart Workspace And More

These days, the tech world is all about absurd tech which we suspect are solely with the aim of making tech watchers’ jaw drop. These gadgets go beyond ‘wow’; they will make you go like “no shit, are they serious?, or maybe just “no freaking way!” So far, we have witnessed a ginormous 21-inch laptop […]

Microsoft’s “Meticulously Crafted” All-In-One PC Is A Remarkable Beauty

If you are total sucker for beautiful gadgets like me, I am sure the newly announced Microsoft Surface Studio is sure give a serious tech orgasm. And I am not even kidding. Like its mobile counterpart, the Microsoft Surface Studio is super thin – in fact, it is so thin that it is fall straight […]

Microsoft’s HoloLens Is The Closest You Will Get To Tony Stark’s Hologram Computer For Now

Besides revealing the brand new OS during the January 21st event, tech giant Microsoft also dished out two hardwares, which kind surprises most folks. They are a holographic eyewear dubbed HoloLens and a big-ass 84-inch 4K all-in-one (more like a TV set, really). The former is one that really shines, despite the influx of video […]

LG’s To Roll Out Super Lightweight Ultra Laptops and First’s Curved All-In-One Desktop PC

Looking for a super lightweight laptop? Well, if you are in the South Korea or some countries in South America, you have a couple of new options coming your way, and that’s the LG Ultra PC Laptops. There are two models in this release, a 14Z950 and a 13Z849, which is a 14-inch and a […]