Who else here remember the good’ol colorful iMacs? I do and I still reminisce about it till these days. If you do too, there’s good news. It is back. Well, just the color part, that is.

2021 24-inch Apple iMac Computer

The 24-inch iMac finally gets the much needed redesign. OK. Maybe not so much of a redesign, redesign. It retains the same all-in-one design from 15 years ago. But it is definitely sleeker and with up-to-date internals.

Measuring a mere 11.5 millimeters thin, the new 2021 iMac is powered by, you guessed it, Apple’s very own silicon, the M1 chips.

2021 24-inch Apple iMac Computer

With the new iMac, it also gets a 24-inch 4.5K Retina display boasting 11.3 million pixels, 500 nits of brightness and over a billion colors.

Can we take a moment to appreciate that 24-inch iMac is back? TBH, 21.5- and 27-inch iMacs were the reasons I quit getting iMac. The two sizes are really either two small or too big for my use.

2021 24-inch Apple iMac Computer

Anywho… the new 24-inch iMac further touts 1080p FaceTime HD camera with M1 image signal processor, studio-quality three-array mics, a six-speaker sound system, and for the first time, Touch ID.

And oh, it also gets a new power connector that attaches magnetically and a woven 2-meter long color-matched cable. Speaking of color-matched, it has color-matched Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad too.

2021 24-inch Apple iMac Computer

Other details include up to 16 GB unified memory, up to 2 TB SSD storage, 7-core or 8-core GPU, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 6, 3.5 mm headphone jack, Gigabit Ethernet port, and two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports and/or two USB 3 ports.

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The all-new 2021 24-inch Apple iMac is available to order from Friday (April 30) with a starting price of US$1,299.

2021 24-inch Apple iMac Computer

All images courtesy of Apple Inc.

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