Remember the round display computer? Like Penk Chen’s custom computer with a round display, tinkerer Carter Hurd is also experimenting with computers outside of the norm. And his choice of extraordinary computer? A Custom Mechanical Keyboard Computer.

Custom Mechanical Keyboard Computer

The Custom Mechanical Keyboard Computer is exactly what it says it is: a mechanical keyboard with a computer in it, complete with odd size, bizarre aspect ratio screen for display. In case anyone is wondering, the keyboard is an IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.

It has a custom 3D printed base that is pretty much the chassis of this unique PC and on the inside, it has a butchered mainboard from an old gaming laptop. And then there is a bunch of work that enables the display, the keyboard, the mainboard et cetera to come together in harmony.

Custom Mechanical Keyboard Computer

It is a bizarre build alright but strangely alluring. It is not a laptop by the way. It is a desktop through and through. Since completing the build, Carter has been using it as his daily driver.

However, the tiny and long display is only good for writing and not for media consumption. For the latter, the design allows for a regular size external monitor to be mounted to the back of the computer.

Custom Mechanical Keyboard Computer

The result of an external monitor attaching to it does make Carter build looked like the Asus ZenBook 15 Duo and Pro Duo.

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In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Carter takes viewers through the build process and how he uses the laptop, I mean desktop.

Image: YouTube (Carter Hurd).

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