Perhaps one of the most replicated aircraft in the scale RC model world would be the Bell 222 helicopter, specifically, the fictional Airwolf helicopter from the eponymous American action TV series.

World’s Biggest RC Airwolf Bell 222 Helicopter

The star of the show is the high-tech military helicopter code-named Airwolf, which is based on Bell 222, outfitted with high-tech fantasy tech, including stratospheric ceiling, stealth noise signature, supersonic speed, and of course, lots of firepowers that never seem to run out of ammunition.

Anyhoo, why are we talking about this? Oh, right. It was this: a 1:3.5 scale (!) RC replica of the aircraft from the 80s TV series.

Built and piloted by RC enthusiast, Andy Fischer, this RC Airwolf/Bell 222 is an electric helicopter that stretches 4.25 meters (13.9 feet) and has a rotor diameter of 3.74 meters (12.3 feet).

World’s Biggest RC Airwolf Bell 222 Helicopter

That is a size that even a pickup truck with an extra-long bed couldn’t accommodate. Thankfully, the boom and the rotors can be detached for less space-devouring transportation.

Andy’s RC Airwolf appears to be an accurate recreation of the series’ Bell 222, except that it is electric, and it is complete with prop machine guns, belly missile pod, retractable landing gears, and flight blinker lights.

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However, it does not appear the weapons are retractable as portrayed in the TV show. It is still super cool nonetheless.

If you like Airwolf, I am pretty sure you will be enthralled by this world’s largest RC Airwolf/Bell 222 helicopter. I know I am! Keep going for the video posted by RC Media World.

Images: YouTube (RC Media World).

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