lets face it: when you are home having some private time with your music, 33 feet of wireless freedom ain’t going to be enough and this is why a pair of wireless audio cans such as this JBL WR2.4 Wireless Headphones with a super generous 100 feet or 30 meters of wireless freedom will be much appreciated and appropriate. walk anywhere within you humble pad and still enjoy the audio clarity that JBL has to offer, and if this isn’t an audio haven, we don’t know what is. a base station that also serves as a cradle for recharging the WR2.4’s included AAA batteries that is good for over eight hours of continuous playback. by now you should aware that this isn’t a Bluetooth headphone, it is a true wireless headphone where the base station hooks up to your home stereo’s regular RCA connectors and streams the music over 2.4GHz wireless technology to the cans.

other features include generously sized padded cups with fully adjustable headband for long hours of use without fatigue, a semi-closed back acoustics design for naturally enhanced sound quality, the uncompromising 2.4GHz digital bandwidth that ensure reception untainted by transmission noise, and a 32-ohm impedance for a wide range of listening volumes. the JBL WR2.4 Wireless Headphones is available now through Best Buy, as well as JBL online store for $99.95.

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