some wealthy movie buffs can afford to tear down a room and turn it into a home movie theater. suffice to say, many of us won’t be in the financial position to afford that kind of luxury and therefore, taking a notch down from such extravagant living would be going for a system such as this Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Server movie server. though at $3,995 each we must say this isn’t cheap as well, but when compared to recreating a theater, it is way more affordable. designed as a beautiful centerpiece to your home entertainment system, the Cinema One movie server lets you store and have instant access to up to 100 Blu-ray or 600 DVD-quality titles in the highest audio and video quality possible.

historically, one thing that plagues media server is speed, but the Cinema One here begs to differ: it promise no delays in previews, menus or ads, and its “breakthrough user interface” allows you to browse through your collection speedily without lack. for a complete home theater experience, the Cinema One can be connected to any home automation to automatically dim the lights when you hit ‘play’ and a unique CinemaScape video-processing mode offers you a true 2.35 home theater experience. though it worthy to note there isn’t room for storage expansion. apart from ripping your own collection and trust them to the Kaleidescape Cinema One, you can also download movies directly from Kaleidescape Store. and these are not just any movies: these flicks are available in full Blu-ray quality and comes complete with special features, audio tracks and extra content like it would have on a physical disc.

if you ever needed some guide, there’s a comprehensive Movie Guide, showcasing nearly 250,000 titles with high-res cover art, along with short synopsis so that you will know exactly what you will be getting. of course, it will also comes with recommendation based on the genre, director, actors and the likes, so that you watch more and spend less time searching. in short, if turning one room into a batcave-like theater isn’t within your reach, the Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Server could be your next “more affordable” home cinema experience. all you need is to rig up a good booming audio system and perhaps, a larger-than-life flat screen TV and you pretty much all set.

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