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Amazon Launches Echo Sub, Echo Link, Link Amp And More

It is a gadget galore today for Amazon. The online retail giant has announced a slew of new products that will further imprints Echo in your life, right down to your automobile. Among the gadgets announced are Echo Sub (yes, it is a subwoofer!), Echo Link, Echo Link Amp, Echo Input, Echo Wall Clock (yup, even wall clock isn’t spared either), an all-new Echo Dot, all-new Echo Plus, all-new Echo Show and finally, there’s the Echo Auto, that puts the power of Alexa inside the car. Continue reading Amazon Launches Echo Sub, Echo Link, Link Amp And More

Need To Record 3 Years Worth Of TV? Well, Now You Can With TiVo Mega

with part of the PR text headline that goes something like “So BIG, It’s Almost Inappropriate”, TiVo’d be right, especially when this insane 24TB storage capacity DVR, aptly named TiVo Mega, cost a cool 5 grand. truly a DVR heavy weight in terms of both price and bytes. whether anyone actually needs a DVR that could store over 26,000 hours of TV, or by TiVo’s own calculations, works out to be three years of TV programs, remains to be seen. in any case, it is here and it can be yours to own come Q1 of 2015. so what do you get for around $5,000? for starter, it has the said 24 terabytes of storage in a RAID 5 arrangement with hot swappable drives, so you will have peace of mind your recordings are in safe hands, plus it offers six channels of simultaneous recording, built-in transcoding, multi-room capability and live streaming to your smartphones or tablets. Continue reading Need To Record 3 Years Worth Of TV? Well, Now You Can With TiVo Mega

Sony at IFA 2013

IFA is perhaps the next biggest consumer electronics show in global scale outside of North America and needless to say, electronics makers will not pass on this golden opportunity to show off their shiny new gadgets during this prestigious event. this year’s IFA sees Japanese electronics giant Sony introducing some very drool-worthy products ranging from smartphone to imaging devices to home audio system. there are so many awesome products that we could have missed if we chose to feature them individually (though we have already highlighted some over the last few days), but we are not giving any a miss and so, we decided that it is only fitting that we list them out here so that you will be in the know. all of them are worthy products that no tech enthusiasts should look past. so without further adieu, hit the jump for the some Sony gadget galore aka Sony at IFA 2013. Continue reading Sony at IFA 2013

Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Server

some wealthy movie buffs can afford to tear down a room and turn it into a home movie theater. suffice to say, many of us won’t be in the financial position to afford that kind of luxury and therefore, taking a notch down from such extravagant living would be going for a system such as this Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Server movie server. though at $3,995 each we must say this isn’t cheap as well, but when compared to recreating a theater, it is way more affordable. designed as a beautiful centerpiece to your home entertainment system, the Cinema One movie server lets you store and have instant access to up to 100 Blu-ray or 600 DVD-quality titles in the highest audio and video quality possible. Continue reading Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Server

McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier

McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier 900x550px
(photos: McIntosh) McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier | US$6,500.00 | www.mcintoshlabs.com

before the days of complex digital circuitry, audio purist praises the pureness that the tube amp brings about. it said that gives a true warm sound and the good news for these discerning folks is, that warm sound is making a 21st century comeback in the form of this limited edition McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier. slated to be released this December, this gold hue chassis tube amp features a tube circuit design hailed from the 1961 but with some modern touches such as a multicolored LED display, a High Speed Sentry Monitor circuit that automatically turn off the amp if any tube gets worn, and a power control input and output. Continue reading McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier