McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier

McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier 900x550px
(photos: McIntosh) McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier | US$6,500.00 |

before the days of complex digital circuitry, audio purist praises the pureness that the tube amp brings about. it said that gives a true warm sound and the good news for these discerning folks is, that warm sound is making a 21st century comeback in the form of this limited edition McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier. slated to be released this December, this gold hue chassis tube amp features a tube circuit design hailed from the 1961 but with some modern touches such as a multicolored LED display, a High Speed Sentry Monitor circuit that automatically turn off the amp if any tube gets worn, and a power control input and output. beside looking nice and possibly sounding awesome, this limited edition tube amp will comes with a commemorative book to mark this golden anniversary and priced at around $6,500 per unit. i don’t need to remind you that this is strictly for those who have larger than usual pockets and of course, amplifier connoisseur.
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