It is Crazy To Think How Many Features The New McIntosh RS200 Packs

From the front, the new McIntosh RS200 Wireless Loudspeaker System looks like a high tech sound bar or sound plate, but it is way, way more. It is the Jack of all trade of the high-fidelity speaker system. Granted, the classic McIntosh look of Output Level meters and chunky knobs is not for everyone, but […]

McIntosh Unveils New High-end Turntable, Has Integrated Bluetooth

McIntosh is more notable for its high-end amplifiers, but the seven decade old, Binghamton, New York-based company is no stranger to turntable either. Speaking of which, the company has announced a new vinyl spinner, this time it is an all-in-one that has all the high-end audio equipment’s check boxes ticked, well, at least, it has […]

McIntosh’s First Headphones, MHP1000, Available Now for $2,000

McIntosh Labs is an extremely revered brand in audio excellence, but oddly enough, in the sixty and half decades in the high-fidelity audio business, the New York-based company never had a pair of headphones in its portfolio. Well, that’s has changed when it first announced the intention to take on the headphone market, starting with […]