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(photos: Fender) Fender Eric Clapton Series Amplifiers | from US$1399.99 | www.fender.com

in its first ever collaboration with an artiste, Fender has teamed up with rock/blues legend Eric Clapton to introduce the Eric Clapton Signature Amplifiers or EC series amp, in short. the three amps in the series, the EC Twinolux, EC Tremolux and EC Vibro-Champ are built by hand to the exact specifications of Clapton and are based on Fender’s original 50s-era amps, the 57′ Twin, 57′ Deluxe and 57′ Champ. drawing its inspiration from its good old ancestors, these amps are armed with 50s era output tube bias tremolo which is said to give more ‘throbbing pulse’ than the modern iterations, and a switchable power attenuator. other premium features include finger-joined solid pine cabinet for a warm tone, a lacquered tweed covering with vintage brownish gold grille cloth and finally, a leather handle tops up the package. with such premium features and a big name like Eric Clapton in the mix, you know these amps aren’t going to be regular priced. so if you want one, then be prepared to shell out $1,399.99 for the EC Vibro-Champ, $2,799.99 for the EC Tremolux and a hefty $4,199.99 for the top of the line EC Twinolux.
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with such fine featured amps, naturally, we would expect your axe skills to be somewhere in the region of Buddy Guy’s or equivalent. though zero axe skill is fine by us, as long you are not our neighbor. hit past the jump for a short clip of legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy testing out this amp for the very first time. to be fair, a video posted on the tube, might not be a good justification for an amp’s quality but nevertheless, Buddy never fails to impress us every time. no matter what.

Fender via LuxuryLaunches

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