Caviar AirPods Pro Gold Edition

If the $249 price tag of the Apple AirPods Pro isn’t intimidating enough and also, you absolutely need it to be luxed up to befit your millionaire/billionaire status, then Caviar AirPods Pro Gold Edition should be right up your alley.

Costing a mind-bending $67,280, the Caviar AirPods Pro Gold Edition is covered in 750 gold content where technically possible. Save for the inside of the AirPods Pro charging case and the silicone earbuds, every exposed area of Apple new true wireless earbuds is in luxurious gold.

Caviar AirPods Pro Gold Edition

While I don’t encourage such opulence, I can’t deny that it was a sight to behold. The gold treatment is complete by a relief Caviar crown, made of 750 gold content, no less, as a final touch of luxury.

The 750-content gold seemingly transform an advanced gadget into a jewelry. Now, the Apple true wireless earbuds with awkward stem (although admittedly less awkward the standard AirPods) looks even more like a pair of earrings.

Caviar Phone only made one copy which, much to the dismay of richie rich around the world, has been spoken for. But fret not, there are others and as a boon, the “others” while luxe, aren’t bank breakers.

They cost between $1,310 and $1,540, and features equally exquisite materials like silver and gold, where appropriate, and genuine python and alligator leather.

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All images courtesy of Caviar Phone.

Source: Luxury Launches.