I am sure you recall the insanely accurate Batman Arkham Origins cosplay suit by Julian Checkley who went on to bag the Guinness World Records for “most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit.” Well, that wasn’t the last of it.

The native of The Emerald Isle is still at it and yes, he is still suiting up as the Bat. However, this time, his creation is even mind-blowing. Mind-blowing enough to win over the panels at the this year’s Stan Winston School of Character Arts Halloween Costume Contest.

Checkley’s suit is the Batman XE Suit straight out of Batman Arkham Origins’ DLC A Cold Heart. For those who don’t know, the Batman XE Suit is not quite a costume. It is more like an exoskeleton, much like the one wore by Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman, but only much cooler (like, obviously).

The details that went into the suit is absolutely bonkers. The boots are counter-weighted with bungees and actuators to help Julian move. Plus it has tiny fog machines of sort located around the suit to emit puffs of smoke to simulate heating effects of the suit as seen in the game. And oh, it has lights too. Sweet.

Images: Julian Checkley.

Source: Kotaku.

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