Revoltech RevoGeo Asian Giant Hornet Figure

What you see here is a collectible figure of the deadly Asian giant hornet, or Vespa mandarinia, as it is scientifically known. This toy couldn’t appear at a “better time,” so to speak. Because this little big guy of the insect kingdom has recently been found in stateside, which it really shouldn’t be.

Revoltech RevoGeo Asian Giant Hornet Figure

It is native to East Asia and Japan, and it is an invasive species that eats honey bees for breakfast (or just as they please, really). This is bad news. Especially honey bees population is dwindling in the U.S.

Anyways, back to the toy. Thanks to Revoltech RevoGeo Asian Giant Hornet Figure, you can soon own an Asian Giant Hornet without harming your local honey bees population or anyone. Granted, it is a upsized version, but being big allows you to admire the anatomy of this fearsome creature in detail.

Real-life Asian Giant Hornet grows up to nearly 2 inches. This toy, however, is a whopping 18 centimeters (7.09 inches).

Revoltech RevoGeo Asian Giant Hornet Figure

It is made of plastic and in addition to the incredible details, it is very articulated too. Almost every part is posable, from the antennae to the mandibles to the stinger. The latter is retractable without having to replace any parts. It is a highly posable figure that is worth collecting if you are a fan of the insect world.

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Revoltech RevoGeo Asian Giant Hornet Figure is part of Revoltech RevoGeo series that features an amazing variety of creatures on this planet. If you are interested, you may want to pre-order it online retailers like Big Bad Toy Store for US$105.99. The product is expected to be released September 2020.

Images: Kaiyodo Co,. Ltd./Revoltech.

Source: The Awesomer.