For those who demand bass from wireless cans, Panasonic may have something for you. Announced recently are the RB-M700B and RB-M500B headphones. These cans promised to deliver “stunning low frequency audio” through Panasonic XBS DEEP (Extra Bass System Deep) Technology.

Panasonic RB-M700B Wireless Headphones
Top & above: Panasonic RB-M700B

This low-frequency audio technology may interest bass heads:

“Further improving the bass performance is the built-in Bass Reactor which amplifies low frequencies in response to the track’s bass sounds. The Bass Reactor simulates deep, booming bass, like that in a night club or concert, by transmitting amplified low-end sound directly to the ears as real low-frequency vibrations.”

The headphones’ bass is further bolstered by harmonic tuning EQ that magnifies sounds below 100 Hz and surpassing above 100 Hz.

Panasonic RB-M500B Wireless Headphones
Panasonic RB-M500B

Moreover, there headphones feature bass-blow port to enable precise piston movement in the diaphragm to reproduce crisp low-end frequency outlines.

Rounding up the key features is the a large 40 mm drive unit that promised to deliver even sound through the distortion-resistant diaphragm which, you guessed it, affords deep, delicate bass. Yeah, so it is all about bass. So, bass heads, take note.

The Panasonic RB-M700B and RM-M500B Wireless Headphones are available as we speak, in choice of black or cream, from authorized Panasonic dealers and on for US$179.99 and US$149.99, respectively.

All images courtesy of Panasonic Corporation of North America.

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