there are many things you could buy with 1 million pound sterling, but if have a huge wall that you wish you could turn into a big-ass display, you could use one million quid to grab this appallingly enormous Titan Zeus Ultra HD TV. made by British TV maker Titan Technology, the Zeus measures an astounding 8 meters by 5 meters (about 26′ by 16′) and is fitted with a 370-inch panel that’s capable of 4K resolution. it boasts 65 million colors and tips the scale at nearly a ton. the display is designed for use in both indoor and outdoor conditions, and it is consumer-grade stuff which means any ‘regular’ insanely rich folks with the money to drop can grab one for the said amount. well, at this size, you have give it to Titan for its claim as the maker of the biggest domestic televisions available anywhere.

Titan Zeus 370-inch Ultra HD TV

the price includes installation and apparently, delivery in a custom built Hummer. with nearly a ton and the sheer size, it would take more than a Hummer for the delivery and installation. you probably will have to get ready to tear down some walls, or maybe even the roof just to move this beast into your home, and i am very sure it will involve at least a mobile crane unit or cargo forklift. people, think we need some serious risk assessment here before commencing installation cos’ having this thing tipping over is no laughing matter, not to mention a ‘mere’ accidental drop on someone’s feet. i am guessing the scale of installation of this TV is equivalent to a small architecture project. madness, indeed. however, madness or not, two have been spoken for, but Titan wouldn’t divulge who are they.

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Titan Zeus 370-inch Ultra HD TV

we wonder if Titan’s announcement of this beast of displays has anything to do with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil? you know? to get richie rich and businesses to acquire it for mass soccer screening? well, if only they can get this monster into the buyers’ location of choice in time for the semi or final.

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