Custom LEGO Nikon F3 Film SLR Camera

And we thought we impressed by the unofficial Leica x LEGO Rangefinder Model Camera. I guess we have seen nothing yet. What you see here is an accurate LEGO representation of the 1988 Nikon F3 Film SLR Camera.

It is a LEGO Ideas submission by photographer/LEGO enthusiast Ethan Brossard aka LegoDog0126. It is not 1:1 scale, though. It is, however, a tad larger than the real deal. Brossard’s custom LEGO Nikon F3 Film SLR Camera measures 165 x 109 x 77 mm while the actual F3 is 149 x 97 x 66 mm, and it packs 549 pieces.

Custom LEGO Nikon F3 Film SLR Camera

The level of details are pretty impressive. Brossard tried to replicate brick-for-brick the actual camera, save for some really small details which are not possible to replicate with LEGO elements. While we appreciate the level of details, we think it will be nice if it could be of 1:1 scale. Just saying…

Also, there’s one catch here though, it was created in a digital environment using bricks in colors that aren’t in LEGO’s catalog.

Anywho, if you are shutterbug who love LEGO, you may want to consider lending your one precious support for this submission. It has 170+ days to reach the next mile stone of 5,000 supporters in order for it to continue to be supported and hopefully, reach 10,000 supports to qualify for a review by LEGO.

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Images: LEGO Ideas (LegoDog0126).

Source: PetaPixel.