If you have not heard, Leica Miami Store is selling (or was selling?) unofficial Leica x LEGO Rangefinder Model Camera. Unlike the real Leica Rangefinder, which cost thousands and therefore less likely to fly off the shelves, the LEGO Leica Rangefinder Model Camera did flew off the shelves – even though it is clear as day that it isn’t an official LEGO set).

LEGO Leica Rangefinder Model Camera

Our source posted this news on December 19, but both models, Black/Gray and Brown/Gray, but when checked a day on it was indicated “Edition Sold Out.” Well, that was fast. It was selling for 45 bucks a set and that’s probably why it was sold out in a jiffy – if it did actually sold out. It is not cheap in LEGO speaks, btw, but it is priced low enough for it to be gone fairly quickly (I reiterate, that is if it did actually sold out).

LEGO Leica Rangefinder Model Camera

Personally, I find it to be quite pricey with respect to the size which measures 3 x 2 x 1.25 inches (7.6 x 5 x 3.2 centimeters) and weighs just 2 ounces (57g). As you can see, it is not only not 1:1 scale, but it is tiny. The size may disappoint some. However, I guess not to all, if the stock status is any indication. Less pieces to a set means less details. Just saying…

LEGO Leica Rangefinder Model Camera

In case you miss this critical detail: LEGO Leica Rangefinder Model Camera is NOT an official LEGO kit. What’s more, the kit does not come with build instructions. Instead, the product page indicates build instructions are available free online. It appears that Leica Miami Store has merely packaged the bricks based on Chris McVeigh’s Building Guides.

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But the good thing that come out of this is, you can still build your own by acquiring the individual LEGO element as listed in the guide on Chris McVeigh’s Building Guides and save yourself some money. But it will require some leg work on your part.

LEGO Leica Rangefinder Model Camera

Images: Leica Miami Store.

Source: PetaPixel.

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