TRAXXAS is no stranger to having insanely fast RC, but this TRAXXAS X-MAXX 8S takes fast to a whole new level. It was so fast that it can travel on water like a speedboat. Now, that is freaking fast. You heard that right. This particular RC truck drives on water. I am not going to lie, I never knew it could be done, like ever. But the truth is, someone has done it at the boat pond in Sunset Park in Las Vegas and with a TRAXXAS X-MAXX 8S supplied by PM Hobbycraft in an event, presumably, organized by National Retail Hobby Association.

This incredible feat was made last year, sometime in May, I believe. No words on how fast the RC truck is actually capable of, though. Just to be clear that, the TRAXXAS X-MAXX 8S was obviously prepped for taking on the boat pond. As you can see in the video, it had special paddle tires that allowed it to “drive” on water. Logic says that it cannot stop while on water (like, duh…) and therefore, when it needed a pit stop, it had to hit the launch slope.

What can say? Looks like there will never be an instance where a RC enthusiast would be torn between getting a RC boat or a RC truck because, this thing here will have both water and land covered. Problem solved, kind of. Skip ahead to see the amazing TRAXXAS X-MAX Extreme Hydroplaning Action video below.

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Images: YouTube.

Hat Tip: YouTube [VIDSTORM].

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