This is it, folks. The trailer for the Hellboy reboot is finally here. The R-rated reboot Hellboy’s first trailer posted by Lionsgate today hinted a gore-fest (but probably not the gore-fest you thought it would be… just saying), but honestly, the trailer is kind of meh.

Hellboy 2019 Official Trailer

Little is known about the plot, except that our red protagonist played by Stranger Things star David Harbour will have to save the world from Nimue The Blood Queen (played by Milla Jovovich), the ancient sorceress who has a thing for destroying the world as we know it.

Like most movie trailers, the trailer is a good indication of what to expect and this case, it would be humor, violence and grunge (i.e. like the way hell should be). However, as mentioned earlier, the trailer is a bit of a meh. I am not bashing the movie… yet. It is the trailer that I have issues with.

The trailer is, how do you say? Poorly executed? The entire 2:30 minutes felt so ‘constipated’. Movie trailers always seem to be so engaging that you will not notice any subpar execution, if any, but this one though… In any case, if you are too used to Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy, it will take sometime to get comfortable with. Go on and have a look.

Images: Lionsgate/YouTube.

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