Never mind if the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland is not as huge of a hit as Disney had hoped, the theme park operator has announced that a new cruise ship will be docking at this part of the theme park anyways. The announcement was made over the weekend at the D23 Expo.

If you ever find Galaxy’s Edge isn’t immersive enough, I pretty sure the upcoming Galactic Starcruiser will seal the deal as far as immersion goes. How so? Because, apparently, you will be dwelling inside the spaceship, duh, which is known as the Halcyon in the galaxy far, far away.

Obviously, Halcyon is docked here on Earth, for visitors’ convenience, and very obviously, it will not be taking off to anywhere, i.e. this is no simulator or ride. But it will the decor and activities to make you feel like you are in the Halcyon. Halcyon, btw, is a cruiser owned and operated by the Chandrila Star Line.

Also, Halcyon ain’t no small fry as far as size is concerned.

Here’s a visualization of how massive the Galactic Starcruiser is:

Disneyland Star Wars Galactic Cruiser Hotel

While writing this post, I must say that I am pretty pumped and at the same time, confused. Are we getting a hotel in the shape of the Halcyon? It will be cool if it is the case and not quite as dope if it isn’t.

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I mean, lets get real. It is less exciting to be stepping into a somewhat regular building whether or not the interior is spaceship-like, is it not? Anyways, we shall leave it to you to explore what this soon-to-open addition to Disneyland Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge from the official press words from Disneyland.

Disney Star Wars Galactic Cruiser Hotel

Images: Disneyland.

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