If you are into custom PC/PC mods, then I am very sure this post is going to get you all psyched up. FUXK (don’t ask…) is PC customizer in China that does some pretty out-of-this-world custom PC case mod. At least, those that we saw since 2016 has been an eye opener to us. The snowmobile-inspired example you see here is apparently the latest from this China company (more like a team) that is relatively unknown outside of the China and the modding community.

FUXK Stunning Custom PC Mods
I am pretty sure this is the same as the Dark Knight rig below, no?

Little is known about this PC with skis. In fact, we know next to nothing about the rest of the rigs too. All we know all the PC case mods we have seen are absolutely brilliant and that is all that matters. In view of the lack of information, all we can do is to share with you images of some of the custom PC case mod, some of them dating as far back as 2015.

FUXK Stunning Custom PC Mods
The Dark Knight inspired rig with folding “wings”

My personal favorites have to be the PC with skis, the “Batman” theme PC and the absolutely sick Dieselpunk-ish. The latter two were from 2016. Although, the PC with skis appeared the latest, it may not be. For all we know, the company may not be functioning anymore. It has a Facebook page, but the last update was way back in August 2016 and the indicated Chinese micro blogging address is no longer valid. So, I fear the worst.

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Anywho, just enjoy the images. Perhaps, they (the images) may wake up the PC customizing spirit in you and inspires you to embark on similar projects. Enjoy!

P.S. Just learned that FUXK maybe an individual (or a team?) that has won the WGT 2008 Global Esports Championship MOD Competition China Region Champion and the only contestant from Asia to be invited to Deutsche Casemod Medistersohaft 2010.

Images: FUXK.

Hat Tip: Bitspower via Jenki Wmp.

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