these days living in the cloud is a must, even for your home digital content cos’ its all about accessibility and sharing. so if you have yet to drop some cash for a personal cloud storage solution, you might want to give the Synology DiskStation DS213j NAS Server a thought. under the hood, the DS213j is driven by a 1.2GHz processor with an integrated FPU, giving it the power to crunch multi-sized thumbnail images faster than its predecessor. it leverages on the firm’s DiskStation Manager (currently, the DSM 4.2), allowing for easy accessing and sharing of files with Cloud Station, as well as the DS cloud mobile app. like all good personal cloud storage devices or NAS, you can access your digital contents on the DS213j via the web without the need for rocket science-like port-forwarding process.

other feature includes 512 of RAM, over 100MB/sec Reading and 70MB/sec Writing speed, built-in hardware encryption engine, wake on LAN ready, cool and quiet enclosure (and a sleek one if i might add), DLNA compliant media server, supports up to two 3.5″ or 2.5″ SATA II drives and up to a total of 8TB capacity, two USB 2.0 ports for external HDD interface, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. wireless is supported but not natively and if so desired, a dongle has to be used. according to the PR text we have read, the Synology DiskStation DS213j NAS Server “is now shipping globally” but to date, we have yet to see any DS213j surface at Synology online reseller websites. in any case, the DS213j has a MSRP of $219.99 (without HDD).

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