The last thing a pool or beach party wants is a speaker with a conked out battery. But with WOW-SOUND Portable Outdoor Speaker System, battery would be the least of your concern. Why? Because this UFO-shaped rugged outdoor speaker has the craziest battery life we have see thus far: over 50 hours per charge (!) and it does so with a compact form (6.89 by 7.56 inches, or 17.5 x 19.5 cm) that still packs a quad of 2-inch neodymium active drivers and a 4-inch passive radiator to deliver 50 watts of omnidirectional sound, and it has a 360-degree three-setting LED lights to boot, because WOW-SOUND is all about outdoors and active lifestyle.

WOW-SOUND Portable Outdoor Speaker System

Speaking of outdoors and active lifestyle, this little guy is IP 67-rated for water and dust-resistance, it is shockproof, and while totally submersible, it is designed to stay afloat on water body so there’s no fear of it sinking into the deep blue. We have seen quite a number of portable, outdoor speakers, but this one really catches our eyes. Aesthetically, it is unique (love the UFO-ish styling), bright (read: fun), and features an often overlooked feature: it fits into a cupholder perfectly. So whether you are on a yacht with cupholders or cupholder-equipped float, this little fellow will fit right in.

WOW-SOUND Portable Outdoor Speaker System

If you don’t have either, WOW Water Sports, the company behind WOW-SOUND, will sell you a purpose-designed WOW-SOUND Speaker Float. Though, it is worthy to mention that WOW-SOUND is totally capable of floating on its own, the right side up, when in the pool. WOW-SOUND Portable Outdoor Speaker System is on its last leg of funding on Indiegogo where you can pre-order a unit for a special early bird price of $150 ($175, thereafter). It is on flexible goal (but it is funded anyways) and so, whichever perks you pick will be deliver sometime in June 2017.

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WOW-SOUND Portable Outdoor Speaker System

WOW-SOUND Portable Outdoor Speaker System

WOW-SOUND Portable Outdoor Speaker System

All images courtesy of WOW Water Sports.

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