When you find yourself wishing for an artificial intelligence to tell you how you look in a particular outfit, then I believe you are ahead of us in the future and the good news is, Amazon is with you. The online retailer giant’s new Echo Look is the device that will do exactly that. Amazon is calling it a handsfree camera and style assistant, which simply put, is an Echo with eyes. It can take full-height picture or video of your showing off the outfits and based on “machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists,” it will compare your outfits so you can look the best for the day. I don’t know, folks. Can we trust machine to tell us what looks good on us? I guess it is subjective. Perhaps it is good for those who are often in a fix as to what to wear.

Amazon Echo Look Handsfree Camera and Style Assistant

The hardware works in conjunction the Style Check feature on the companion app that will make the comparison. But what Echo Look captures and what the app spits out is merely an advice which you can choose not to follow. That said, I wonder what will Echo Look say about the mud-coated jeans. Anyways, the hardware is looks like a webcam, but only unusually tall, and it is equipped with LED light, depth sensing camera for imaging duties. Beyond that, it functions much like a regular Echo where Alexa to attend to your questions on stuff like traffic, weather et cetera and do your biddings such as play music, read news and whatnot.

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So far, those are what Echo Look has to offer. It is unknown if it will, in future, be updated to perform security cam duty, or if it will be linked to Amazon’s fashion retail front so you can, for example, acquire ‘missing’ style pieces. Before the fashionista in you prompt you to pull out your credit card for this $199.99 device, you have to understand that Echo Look is not for everyone at this moment. Apparently, the privilege of acquiring this fashion AI is by invitation only. Though, we heard you can make a request from the product page itself.

Amazon Echo Look Handsfree Camera and Style Assistant

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