Drobo 4 Bay Gen3

speed is also a prerequisite if you want to get things going more efficiently and the Drobo 4 Bay Gen3 is just the external storage solution built with those two requisites in mind. it features a complete new architecture that boasts 3 times faster performance over the previous generation and 4 times rebuild times for maximizing data availability…

Synology DiskStation DS213j NAS Server

these days living in the cloud is a must, even for your home digital content cos’ its all about accessibility and sharing. so if you have yet to drop some cash for a personal cloud storage solution, you might want to give the Synology DiskStation DS213j NAS Server a thought. under the hood, the DS213j is driven by a 1.2GHz processor

Sony Personal Content Station LLS-201

with 1TB of built-in storage, the Sony Personal Content Station LLS-201 is a WiFi designed for digital media munchers who prefer to have their cloud nearer to home than hundred of miles away in some stranger’s place. basically, it works in the same way as most media hubs or network media players. it offers you a space – all 1TB of it – to consolidate

Samsung HomeSync Android TV Box

Mobile World Congress may sounds like it has everything to do with mobile devices, but the Samsung HomeSync Android TV Box unveiled at the MWC this year isn’t a mobile communication device. obvious, but we are sure it will still get its fair share of attention. it might look as boxy as most media centers or media players in the market

Seagate Central Shared Storage

the problem with today’s backup solutions is they just back them up. so if you are looking for a device that does more than just backing things up or one that does back up across both Mac OS X and Windows platforms or backing up multiple devices, then look no further than the Seagate Central Shared Storage. the Seagate Central is essentially a shared…

Corsair Voyager Air Mobile Wireless Drive

media servers, NAS, personal cloud or whatever you call them – they are essentially external hard drives designed to contain our burgeoning digital contents. regardless of their marketed purpose, we thus begin to amass whole bunch them for different purposes such as file sharing, digital content streaming and even one for…

LaCie CloudBox

do not mistaken this beautiful drive as a desktop hard drive cos’ it is more than that. the LaCie CloudBox is a piece of technology that’s going to bring your family together and thus, you folks, including extended family, will no longer feel fragmented or torn apart by your individual gadgets. the CloudBox is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) also referred to as your…

Drobo Mini Storage Drive

blame it on today’s high definition digital contents for making us crying out for more storage capacity. cloud storage provides a convenient, favorable proposition but limited in capacity, unless you are willing to dig deep into your pockets for more space. that said, it is sounds logical to fall back on the good’ol portable hard drive that you can actually…

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