with 1TB of built-in storage, the Sony Personal Content Station LLS-201 is a WiFi designed for digital media munchers who prefer to have their cloud nearer to home than hundred of miles away in some stranger’s place. basically, it works in the same way as most media hubs or network media players. it offers you a space – all 1TB of it – to consolidate your growing megabytes of photos, audios and videos, across multiple devices and sharing them with absolute ease. you can choose to transfer the data to the device via WiFi connection from your smartphones or tablets, USB connection, or memory cards. what makes the LLS-201 stands out from its competition is its NFC functionality which allows for quick pairing between your Personal Content Station with your NFC-enabled devices such as Android handsets and slates. though, actual backing up of your mobile data is still via a dedicated app (known as the ‘PCS Manager’) over WiFi.

one of the notable feature is its built-in video transcoder that automatically converts hi-def AVCHD videos to mobile-friendly MP4 format, ready to roll on your smartphones or tablets. this ‘conversion’ leaves the original files in their original quality and resolution, and are viewable on your HDTV through HDMI connection. finally, you can also choose to post (i.e. share) photos and videos residing in the device to cloud network services or social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter directly from your smartphones or tablets, also using the app. finally, staying true to Sony’s long established design ethos, the Sony Personal Content Station LLS-201 comes as a neat, bowl-like form that will not disappoint your Zen-like interior decor. the LLS-201 Personal Content Station is set to hit the European market this Summer 2013 with a yet-to-be-announced sticker. scroll down for a product video to learn more.

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