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FiiO R9 Flagship All-In-One Digital Media Streamer

FiiO R9 Flagship All-In-One Digital Media Streamer: The Digital Media Streamer You Never Knew You Need. Maybe?

Today, the digital media we love is scattered across various platforms and sources. It can be frustrating trying to find our favorites on Spotify, YouTube Music, smartphones, and good old digital media players, among others. Then, there’s the choice of output devices for enjoying these media: wireless headphones, wired headphones, […]

Sony Personal Content Station LLS-201

Sony Personal Content Station LLS-201

with 1TB of built-in storage, the Sony Personal Content Station LLS-201 is a WiFi designed for digital media munchers who prefer to have their cloud nearer to home than hundred of miles away in some stranger’s place. basically, it works in the same way as most media hubs or network media players. it offers you a space – all 1TB of it – to consolidate

Seagate Central Shared Storage

the problem with today’s backup solutions is they just back them up. so if you are looking for a device that does more than just backing things up or one that does back up across both Mac OS X and Windows platforms or backing up multiple devices, then look no further than the Seagate Central Shared Storage. the Seagate Central is essentially a shared…

Xtreamer Prodigy Silver

until the day that we managed to complete the ‘A Dummy Guide to Turning Discs to Digital Content’, we are content with just spinning them on our Playstation 3 and a standard DVD player. however, if we ever succeed in doing so, then the Xtreamer Prodigy Silver is likely the wireless media player we have on our to-buy list. it is a full HD media player that’s 3D…

Sony “nasne” PS3 PVR

looking to get more out of your Playstation 3 and other Sony devices? the Sony “nasne” PS3 PVR (model: CECH-ZNR1J) should do the trick. with the help of a Playstation3 app “torne”, the “nasne” bridges the gap between your digital satellite television programs, including digital terrestrial TV shows and your other Sony devices such as…