if you are like us who have our digital music files spread all over our gadgets, namely smartphone, iPod, external hard drives, computers and even network drives, then the Cambridge Audio Minx Xi Digital Music Player is the one device that will you enjoy all the tunes from one centralized system. surely such system isn’t new, but what Cambridge Audio is proposing with this digital music player is versatility in terms of connectivity. first and foremost, it is built in with Bluetooth receiver that supports aptX for high quality wireless audio streaming, along with WiFi and Ethernet connectivity. the Minx Xi connects to your home network to wirelessly (or wired, if you chose the Ethernet route) stream your digital music collection stored in your home computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, and as far as formats are concerned, this little guy is pretty well accomplished, playing host to a wide variety of high quality audio formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless and supports file sizes up to lossless 24-bit/96kHz.

it works harmoniously with a companion app for iOS and Android, letting you control all your music files on your different devices, computer or even on your home network. further adding to its versatility are two USB ports that allows you to play digital music stored on your USB flash drives or external hard drives. if that isn’t enough, there’s also an Internet radio built into it for even more music sources. thanks to its two digital and three analog inputs, you can also hook up Minx Xi with your TV, Blu-ray player, and/or game console for a complete home entertainment solution. a subwoofer out is in place for your subwoofer if extra rumble is needed in your gaming or home movie experience. on the audio reproduction side of things, the Minx Xi boasts 40 watts of audio power, a class AB amplifier, Wolfson digital-to-analog converter, a toroidal power supply, and an external clocking to reduce jitter inherent in digital audio transmissions – all these circuit wizardry are backed by Cambridge Audio decades of hi-fi making expertise. finally, automatic firmware updates ensure you get the latest services and devices.

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naturally, such accomplished music system will cost you: the Minx Xi digital music player will set you back at $899 and that’s just for the player alone, you will still need to add your own speakers and a sub if you want to bring the house down. scroll down for a few product look and catch a product promo video.

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