Roth DBT-001 & DBT-003 Bluetooth Digital Radios

Roth DBT-001 & DBT-001 Bluetooth Digital Radios
Roth Bluetooth Digital Radios | from £109.00 |

Apple has indeed put the sound dock segment into a dizzy spin with their new Lightning connector and instead of following suit, it became a wake up call for makers all around the world to go for a connectivity that is, as UK-based digital radio maker Roth puts it, “less picky”. indeed it is. and that connectivity is none other than Bluetooth technology which Roth has introduced into its new digital radios, the Roth DBT-001 and DBT-003. both radios eschew the once celebrated iDevice docks and opt for Bluetooth technology for reliable, wirelessly streaming from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablets or computer. both the compact DBT-001 and the larger DBT-002 features future-proof DAB+ technology, the good’ol FM analog radio, a backlit and dimmable multifunction dot matrix LCD display, automatic DAB synchronized real time clock, dual alarm with selectable wake up mode (radio or buzzer), electronic rotary jog select controls, stereo headphone ear and auxiliary input for other sources, integrated full range dynamic driver, and offers up to 10 DAB+ station and 10 FM station presets. setting the two apart is their physical sizes and the power output. the compact DBT-001 sports a single 5W driver, while the DBT-003 comes equipped with two 5W speakers. available from October 30th for £109 and £149 (roughly US$176 and US$240), respectively.

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