Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS USB DAC

heard a lot about DAC and how your demanding sound holes can benefit from it, but lack of the desktop real estate for one? well, then you will have no more such excuse for not getting one with the Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS USB DAC. described as “pint-sized” by its maker, the DacMagic XS USB DAC is so called for its ridiculously small package

Cambridge Audio Minx Go Portable Wireless Speaker

the lack of bass is inherent with small portable wireless speaker, due to their obvious diminutive form factor. but apparently, this Minx Go Portable Wireless Speaker coming from London-based Cambridge Audio, bass isn’t going to be an issue, if not in abundance – thanks to a rear-firing bass radiator seamlessly

Cambridge Audio Minx Air Wireless Speakers

seriously, at this technologically-advanced age, there’s hardly any reasons to setup a space-consuming speaker system in your home when compact speakers can pump out equally ear-pleasing audio. especially so when some of these minuscule speakers come packed with wireless streaming options that would leave your home