there are few reasons why one would want to turn their iPhone 5 into an action cam. excellent videoing capability and the convenience of editing, and sharing of footages are just some of them. for such iPhone application, the Optrix XD5 Action Video Camera System for iPhone 5 will have you covered. billed as the first ultra-rugged, camera optimizing system for iPhone 5, it does what other action cam does with added enhancement in the lens department through an included 175 degrees lens. the new design is thinner, lighter and is stronger than its predecessor and features a new rail mount system for quick on-off mounting to helmets, chest mounts, water sport mounts, and handle mounts. the various elements are the greatest enemy of any action cam and to that end, the Optrix XD5 employs a ‘monocoque’ unibody system as found in modern Formula 1 race car, thereby protecting your iPhone 5 against pressure, drops from up to 40 feet (12 meters), and water resistant down to 15 feet (4.6 meters). the Optrix XD5 Action Video Camera System for iPhone 5 is available now for $129.95 a pop.

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