B&O BeoVision 7-40 with built-in 3D Blu-ray player

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7-40 with built in 3D BluRay Player
(photos: B&O) Bang & Olufsen 7-40 with built-in 3D Blu-ray | US$11,800.00 | www.bang-olufsen.com

it took awhile for Bang & Olufsen to understand that size isn’t everything but its better late then never. after the launch of its big size LCD with integrated 3D Blu-ray player back in August, it has follow up with a more logically sized 40-inch display, the BeoVision 7-40 with built-in 3D Blu-ray player. notable features of this latest member of the BeoVision 7 family includes LCD screen with two-sided edge type LED backlight with local dimming, digital surround sound module, blazing 200Hz refresh rate, tilt-and-turn motorized stand, a host of input/output for both audio and video, and of course, a full HD 1080p 3D display. like the BeoVision 7-55, the new 7-40 utilizes active shutter glasses technology for its 3D display. if you are already falling in love with this more compact version of the BeoVision 7, then be warned that it might just break your bank with its $11,800 price tag.


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