Crypteks USB – modern day Da Vinci’s Cryptex? [video]

Crypteks USB Flash Drive
(photos: Crypteks) Crypteks USB Flash Drive | US$130.00 |

remember the steampunk USB drive inspired by Da Vinci’s Cryptex? well, here’s a non-steampunk version that you might actually be able to buy if you have $130. dubbed as Crypteks USB, this USB flash drive offers both a mechanical lock (or mechanical encryption, if you like) and the 256-bit AES encryption as used in the US government to protect your USB flash drive from potential data thieves. constructed from solid aluminum alloy and features custom designed radial springs for the physical lock mechanism. naturally, it is the mechanical encryption that intrigues us and rekindles our love for Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. the said mechanical lock uses five rings that offers up to 14,348,907 possibilities that should stop any digital data thieves from prying into your top secret files and if all else fails, you will still have your 256-bit advanced encryption standard hardware encryption to fall back on. my only question is: what if i forgot the mechanical lock combination? hmmm. in anyway, the Crypteks folks are seeking support to make this wonderful USB flash drive a reality and if you like what you read, then this little secured USB flash drive can be yours with of pledge of at least $130. pricey for a USB flash drive but think of the security it offers and plus, it is definitely a great conversation starter. in the meantime, a short product trailer is available for your viewing pleasure after the break.
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Crypteks via Ubergizmo

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