Iguana 29: The Ground Boat. no guesses, it’s amphibious.

Iguana 29: The Ground Boat
(image: Eric Sander) Iguana 29: The Ground Boat | US$tba | iguana-yachts.com

usually, an amphibious vehicle looks more like a land going vehicle (unless you are looking at a duck tour vehicle) then a boat but for the Iguana 29: The Ground Boat, it is the other way round. on the first look, it is a sleek, futuristic looking speedboat that we would buy if we have deep pockets but on a closer examination, it is actually an amphibious vehicle that moves on tracks when it beaches. a refreshing change? perhaps. if you are thinking that the all-terrain tracks are going to spoil the look of your sleek boat’s under hull, you can be reassured that will not be the case. the tracks are totally retractable and only deploys when the Ground Boat beaches. well, not that you will be seeing much of the under hull very much until it comes on land. we don’t know how much one of these will cost but it will most certainly save you some dock or marina fees. that’s if your local authority allow Iguana 29 to go on the roads. this 29-footer will be available in two engine configurations: an outboard motor version and a hybrid version that has electric motor for its land duty. either way, expect it to cut through waves with a maximum speed of 35 knots (65 km/h) and haul up to 10 passengers on its luxurious teak flooring. sail past the jump for a few more look at this unique amphibious vehicle.
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Iguana Yachts via Uncrate

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