Incase rolls out another wave of Andy Warhol designs

Incase Andy Warhol Designs iPhone Case
(photos: Incase) Incase Andy Warhol Designs iPhone Case | US$39.95 |

you know what we love about incase iPhone cases? it is one of the few in the market that actually uses real work of art on their iPhone snap cases. sure, they are still snap cases but they are printed with the master of visual art, Andy Warhol’s real deal work of art. of course, we are not new to Incase’s Warhol iPhone Case Collection but what’s new here are more Warhol’s designs to grace Incase iPhone snap cases. the latest collection includes Warhol’s master pieces, Self Portrait (1964), Crowd (1963), Cars (1962), Handle with Care – Glass – Thank You (1962), and Diamond Dust Shoes (1980). a perfect iPhone case for any contemporary art fans. the new Incase Andy Warhol Designs iPhone Cases are available from Incase web store for $39.95 a pop.
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