Phonocut Home Vinyl Recorder

There are turntables that let you turn music on vinyl records into digital files, but why not the other way round, you ask? Well, you actually can with the Phonocut Home Vinyl Recorder.

Phonocut Home Vinyl Recorder is exactly what it says it is. It lets you cut your own vinyl records, like literally.

Phonocut Home Vinyl Recorder

Until now, only pressing plants are capable of producing vinyls, a team comprising of heavy weights in their respective field wants to take that out of the factory and into your home.

Phonocut promised cutting your own vinyl is not something of a rocket science. It will require just three simple steps with the desktop machine you see here.

First, place a vinyl blank on the turntable, hook up the device to the audio source of your choosing via a 1/8-inch mini jack and hit the start button to begin recording.

When your done, just hit the start button again to end the recording. However, unlike mixed tape that packs as much as 90 minutes of music, Phonocut is limited to 10-15 minutes.

Phonocut Home Vinyl Recorder

It is not the first of its kind, but if it succeed in delivering, it will be the first to the consumer market.

We can’t attest to the quality, but if you watch Phonocut’s Kickstarter pitch video, it claims that the audio of the video was recorded entirely on Phonocut. We will let you be the judge on this.

So, yeah, mixed vinyl is a reality – if Phonocut delivers as promised. The last one that did the same was funded too, but apparently, failed to deliver. We are hoping with some prominent names behind, this one will (deliver).

The campaign is funded, so, like I have said, all that is left is for Phonocut to deliver the goods. Speaking of delivery of the goods, it won’t happen until more than year on in December 2020.

Before you take the dive, you have to know it is not cheap, commanding €1,499 or more (about US$1,670 or more) and that, btw, is 500 euros (about US$557) off the eventual retail price.

Images: Phonocut.

Source: Engadget.