Snow Globe Sweaters

The Snow Globe Sweaters you see here is so hilarious that I don’t even know how begin this post. No, these are not winter hats for your G.I. Joe action figures. The name is intentionally misleading because, telling people those are actually nipple sweaters may offend some.

Like, having nipples is a sin. No, it is not. Humans are create to have those. Although some may have slightly larger items. Some like women’s.

Snow Globe Sweaters

I count nipples as part of nature, but nature’s other things, like freezing winter, won’t be kind to nips and hence, this funny holiday gag gift which, if you really think about it, may come in handy for some.

Note, does not cover the areola. If want that covered, you will need to speak to a Texan. At $12.95, the Snow Globe Sweaters makes for a fun gag gift/stocking stuffer this Christmas.

But some words of warning before you take the dive… do not gift this to anyone who is easily offended. You have been warned.

Images: Amazon.

Source: Dude.