if you are tired of how shirtmakers are serving up shirts to you wholesale, then you really have check out Woodies Clothing. the thing is, Woodies Clothing is not just another tailor made shirtmaker – it takes the business of tailoring shirt several notches up by offering details that your local tailors won’t even bother to look into. it goes beyond fabrics and measurements; it lets you decide the type of collars, cuffs, fit, plackets, pleats and more that goes into your very own custom shirt. and did we mention that it comes standard with monogram on the label as a mark that the shirt truly belongs to you? on top of that, you can choose to have your initials on the chest and cuff too. well, the latter would be somewhat borderline egomaniac, but still, it is nice to know you can actually do that.

Woodies Clothing

i think the real kicker here is, you can do all that without hitting up traditional brick and mortar stores. all you have to do is to fill out the form with your fancies and of course, the measurements and you are pretty much all set. when it comes to sizing, Woodies again takes a step up the game by letting you decide how you want to size it. there are three options of figuring out sizing: Simple, where all you need is the measurements of the neck, sleeve and nominate the desired fit (extra slim, slim or regular); Smart Sizing, which is based on the neck, sleeve, height, weight, preferred shirt size and pant size; and Advanced method which involves a total of eight measurements. don’t know how to get those numbers? not to worry, Woodies have you covered with a series of “how to videos” which you can find on their website. basically, what you have here is perhaps one of the most comprehensive tailor made shirt ever which, in our humble opinion, a game changer that is set to shake up the tailor made shirt industry, if not the men’s shirt industry as a whole.

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Woodies Clothing is available through Kickstarter for the next 8 days or so for as low as $68. hear what Jacob Wood, founder of Woodies Clothing, has to say about the clothing line in the pitch video after the fold.

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